Photography Tips – Create Unique Art That is Truly Yours With Still Life

Photography can be an amazing medium for creating art and I love how digital cameras can take many photos quickly for later sorting and review which is great when you have a time limit to your art compared to oil painting which can take many days working in the traditional method.Today’s photography tip is for those who want to create a well known form of art called still life. Still life artwork can be created with any medium including photography. To put it simply, still life is art created from the arrangements of one or more subjects (I’ll call them objects in this article).The objects in still life can be natural or artificial. They can be symbolic or just objects of beauty. The selection depends on the artist’s views and desires for the still life work. I personally love floral still life art which has been common for centuries.Floral still life artwork typically includes one or more flowers. They can be of the same species or color. They could even be a wild mix. Sometimes they will be in a complicated arrangement as if they were wedding bouquets. Other times the focus is on the simplicity and the play of light off a few petals. The flowers could be arranged on a stand, in a drinking class, in a vase, or perhaps in an urn!There are no true right or wrong decisions when creating still life but it is recommended to arrange the objects with good composition and lighting. Natural light from a window to the side or carefully arranged lamps can all create many great effects from soft light to harsh shadows and highlights. The way you arrange your lighting will change the mood of your artwork so you will want to experiment a few minutes on each step of the still life display. Strong shadows will make objects more dramatic and give them a greater sense of depth and roundness. Extremely deep shadows will make objects seem mysterious or even sinister! Soft light will make objects more serene and peaceful and very high-key lighting can wash out colors.Most people prepare still life on a small table, but you could use any surface or even hang objects on a wall or door and use that. I find that a flat surface that can be moved is the best as it is sometimes easier to move the still life display than it is to move the source of light!Once your still life display is perfect, get your camera and take many photos while trying for the intended look. You can also use your still life setting for painting or other mediums. If you were using natural light, go back every few hours and see how it has changed.

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