8 Steps to a Location Independent Lifestyle

Have you made the decision to quit your job, live on the beach, eat mangos and drink rainbow colored alcoholic drinks all day? Well before you turn in your two week notice or just decide to give your boss one day notice cause you just can’t take it anymore there are some things to consider and put in place before you cash in the 401k and buy a one way ticket to paradise. These 8 tips will help anyone to start setting up the life they desire.

• Mindset

You don’t have to wait until your retired, you can travel and enjoy life anyway you chose now if you put a little planning into place and stay focused on your goals. It takes less money than you think to start enjoying the life you desire. Dream big and believe that can change your life.

• Goals

Set clear goals with a deadline.

Just setting a goal puts you ahead of the crowd

Write down your passions, what you like to do and what you are good at

How you achieve your goals may change over time, that’s life.

• Time and Productivity

Time is not a renewable resource.

How are your spending your time?

Track how you are spending your time. You can use a calendar or excel spreadsheet to track how your activities. Figure out what your wasting time on and start doing activities that help you achieve your goals.

Create a vision of how you would ideally spend your time for a day, week or month.
Have fun with this exercise by writing it down and be as detailed as possible.

• Money and Finances

Stop buying things you don’t need- If you want to live a location independent lifestyle you must get control of your spending. Think about all the things you spend money on that you really don’t need. Do you really need the latest smartphone, flat screen TV or $6 cups of coffee?

• Track your expenses

Write down everything you spend money on for a month.

Create a budget after tracking your expenses for a month figure out where you can cut back on your spending. Create a budget for your monthly living needs, long and short term saving, retirement, and money to buy doo-dads and splurge every once and a while. Living expenses should be 50-60% of net, all other categories should be at least 10% of net each.

• Get out of debt
Pay off the smallest balances first, when they are paid off add that money to the minimum payment of the next balance and repeat until your debt load is more manageable.

• Optimize your accounts
Set up bank accounts that pay you interest, get rid of high interest credit cards, choose credit cards that give you travel awards or some other type of incentive.

• Start an emergency fund
Once you have your financial situation in order try to put away a set amount of money every time you get paid. Strive to have at least six months living expenses in the bank for emergencies.

Making the decision to become a lifestyle entrepreneur can be a scary and adventurous path to follow. To make the transition from being a cubicle drone to a world traveling mobile business owner there are a few things to consider and vital steps you must take to make the journey a little easier. Working on your mindset to change your thinking is the first and biggest step.

Changing your mind flows into the other things steps you must taking when dealing with how you spend your time, setting clear goals and what you spend your money on. Once you get a better handle on these four things you will be well on your way to creating and living the lifestyle you desire, a lifestyle by design rather than a mundane template lifestyle most people accept without question.

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Embed Video Onto Your Website

Are you looking to embed video onto your website? If so then you’re making a good decision. To embed video on your website, you will need a special software to do so. These software are usually known as web video converters and there are a ton of them out there on the internet for a fee of around $50.

Is it worth it to pay this much to embed video on your website? In some cases it is. When you embed video on your website, you make it easier for your visitor to view the video on your site. You see in the past, you had to upload large WMV and AVI files onto your website and had to wait until the whole video finished downloading in order to view it. This means a lot if you’re trying to retain your visitor.

You see when you embed video, it has a distinct advantage over traditional forms of video. AVI and WMV files can be as much as 100-200MB for only a 5 minute video. If you have hours worth of content, the entire video can be up near the 2-3GB range. This is just way too large for a user to work with.

But instead when you embed video, you turn that 5 minute video into a file size that is around 3MB big – and this is a very easy and workable file to deal with. If you’re wondering how to embed video onto your website, then you should know that you have a few options at your disposal.

The first thing that you can do is upload your video onto YouTube. After you upload it to YouTube, YouTube will turn it into a flash video format video and will give you a unique snippet of HTML code that you can place on your website to replicate the video. This may be the easiest way to embed video on the web.

The next option you have is to convert your large AVI or WMV video into flash format. To do this, you will need a special software. If you tried to do this manually, you would need to be a genius to accomplish this task. So instead of trying to do it on your own, stick with using a software to do it for you.

The problem however is that a lot of the software that you see on the market today that claims to convert your video for you is hard to use. There’s one program that I know of that does a great job of converting your video for you, but it’s overpriced and it’s hard to use. I have my own tool that I use and it works great for converting my video for me.

If you want to embed your video and you’re a complete novice, stick with uploading your video onto YouTube. It’s the easiest thing to do if you’re a beginner. It will take some time to upload your large AVI video onto YouTube so you will have to be patient for this to load. But once it’s up, it’s up, and you can easily take this embedded video and place it on your website.

I see marketers doing this all the time. They don’t want to host the video on their site so they upload it to YouTube and use YouTube’s video to place on their site.

To embed your video, simply follow the tips in this article. Embedding video is really this easy and if you want to do it yourself, be sure to find a good software that can do it for you.

Good luck trying to embed video on your website.

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Low Investment Work At Home Jobs

It is a small and mobile world these days, made more so by the revolution in free work at home jobs. With work pressure and growing expenses, even those managing their homes want to have an additional income. It is here that free work at home jobs, like data entry, are immensely in demand and the talk of the day.Work at home job, like that of data entry, can be high satisfying as well as financially profitable, since they do not require much of an investment. You can start on such a free work at home jobs easily, if you have a home computer, associated basic software, and a moderately fast Internet connection. What most people cherish in a work at home job is the freedom to work at one’s own pace, personal schedules and flexibility.When you take on a data entry, your work schedule is determined by yourself and not by a boss whom you have to report to. Amazing as it may sound that there is a lot of money to be earned from a work at home job like data entry that does not involve any travel or additional costs.One must of course be careful of tall claims, which promise great returns for zero investment. Though there have been plenty of scams reported with such data entry home jobs, there are genuine opportunities too, which exist on the net. They require very little or practically no huge investments.There are many companies which offer free work at home. Looking at the popularity of these jobs due to the convenience and the economics involved, data entry jobs are the next big thing to hit the market.A simple and fast search on the Internet will show you plenty home jobs, which do not exactly need you to invest or lay out a lot of money. Data entry jobs are a type of this category where the only skill or talent you need is to type quickly and correctly.While on the search for data entry jobs or even while starting on such a venture of your own, you will find plenty of sites that promise to make you astronomically rich in a very short span, with a considerably big investment from your side. Do not be fooled by such offers. Data entry or work at home job, will need you to invest your free time apart from very little financial investment. If there are contrary opinions to this, you need to think well before such an investment.The fact that such free work at home jobs, are low investment on time and money, is the reason for their popularity with people. In the case of most of these free work at home jobs, like that of data entry, one can utilize in-house talents, like computer typing skills, analyzing skills, basic arithmetic skills etc.

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